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Digital Planner PNG Stickers | Frames Volume 2

Digital Planner PNG Stickers | Frames Volume 2

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Preserve your special memories with our digital planner sticker photo frames! With 30 individual frames to choose from, easily add your favorite photos to your digital planner and relive the moments anytime. Perfect for adding a personal touch to your planner pages or journal.

These digital planner stickers are designed to be used with an annotated hyperlinks app such as GoodNotes.

Sticker Features

  • 30 PNG frames
  • 1 Pre Cropped GoodNotes file
  • Fun and Colorful

What's Included

All purchases are digital files only. You will not receive a physical item.

  • 30 transparent PNG files, 1 GoodNotes Elements File, & 1 Pre-Cropped GoodNotes sticker book
  •  Individual PNG file sizes range from 21 KB - 221 KB
    Designed to be used with your preferred hyperlink annotated note-taking app. Compatible apps are listed below under “Important Info” Be sure your device is compatible with hyperlinked pdf’s before purchase.

All Items are Property of Jena W Designs and for Personal Use Only. 

Device Compatibility

All Digital Planners are designed for and tested with GoodNotes on an iPad with an apple pencil. 

If you choose to use something other than GoodNotes on an iPad we have some alternatives listed below that will work. Keep in mind they may not have the same results.

Some of these applications are free while others are paid either through subscription or a one-time fee.

Ipad Users:

• GoodNotes, Noteshelf, CollaNote, ZoomNotes & Notability

Android Users:

• Noteshelf & Penly


If you would like to check your device/app compatibility feel free to download this free digital notebook before purchase. You can find the free notebook here:

Free Digital Notebook Compatibility Tester


Using Your Digital Planner

Download and save the file to your computer or tablet. You can save your file to Dropbox, Files, iCloud, etc.

Open your download and open in or “share” to the planning app you choose to use.

Note-some apps such as Xodo write directly on the original file-I would recommend duplicating the file before use so you always have your original copy.


Apps such as GoodNotes require you to have the file in “Read Only” mode to use the hyperlink. To add text and handwritten notes be sure to turn “Read Only” Off.


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