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Digital Recipe Book with Meal Planner and Grocery List | Hyperlinked PDF Cookbook

Digital Recipe Book with Meal Planner and Grocery List | Hyperlinked PDF Cookbook

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Keep track of all your favorite meals in a clean and minimal hyperlinked cookbook for your tablet.

This paperless recipe book template is designed to be used with an annotated hyperlinks app such as GoodNotes.

Journal Features:

  • Lag free & fully hyperlinked high quality pdf document for enjoyable use
  • 895 pages
  • pace for 780 Recipes :  120 Recipes for Main Dish category, 60 recipes in all other categories 
  • Recipe photo library to visually find the recipe you are searching for
  • Hyperlinked weekly meal plan & grocery list
  • 378 Pre Cropped PNG Digital Stickers
  • Reusable-can be used year after year!

What's Included

All purchases are digital files only. You will not receive a physical item.

  • 1 hyperlinked pdf file of your digital journal to use in your preferred annotated hyperlink app such as GoodNotes. Review the compatibility tab if you would like to learn more about apps that work with digital pdf templates.  
  • 378 Pre Cropped PNG Digital Stickers
  • 2 GoodNotes sticker book filled with pre cropped digital stickers

Are you ready to meet your new best friend? Download now to start journaling today! 

All Items are Property of Jena W Designs and for Personal Use Only. 

Device Compatibility

All Digital Planners are designed for and tested with GoodNotes on an iPad with an apple pencil. 

If you choose to use something other than GoodNotes on an iPad we have some alternatives listed below that will work. Keep in mind they may not have the same results.

Some of these applications are free while others are paid either through subscription or a one-time fee.

Ipad Users:

• GoodNotes, Noteshelf, Xodo & Notability

Android Users:

• Noteshelf & Xodo

Mac Users:

• GoodNotes, Preview & Adobe Acrobat

PC Users:

• Foxit PFD and Adobe Acrobat.

If you would like to check your device/app compatibility feel free to download this free digital notebook before purchase. You can find the free notebook here:

Free Digital Notebook Compatibility Tester

Using Your Digital Planner

Download and save the file to your computer or tablet. You can save your file to Dropbox, Files, iCloud, etc.

Open your download and open in or “share” to the planning app you choose to use.

Note-some apps such as Xodo write directly on the original file-I would recommend duplicating the file before use so you always have your original copy.


Apps such as GoodNotes require you to have the file in “Read Only” mode to use the hyperlink. To add text and handwritten notes be sure to turn “Read Only” Off.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

I looked high and low for a good digital recipe book and feel like I found the best one! Downloading was a breeze and it works perfectly in Goodnotes. Everything is hyperlinked making it really easy to navigate. There are so many spaces for recipes, I feel like I could spend the rest of my life filling this up. It's just perfect.


LOVE THIS! I use Good Notes with this template and then write reviews on all the books I read.


Fantastic. I am excited. I've been looking for such a product for so long.


I really like all the options especially seasonal section. The only issue I have is the tabs are in blue and the labels are very hard to see unless I zoom in.


i use this very often in the library to get veggie recipes