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If you love color, this free undated daily planner is the perfect perpetual digital planner for you!

This unique internet browser-themed planner features undated monthly, weekly, and daily planning pages and essential monthly inserts to keep you organized and on track.

Options Tailored to You:

We understand that everyone has a unique planning style. That's why this planner purchase includes two daily page options to cater to your preferences:

Option 1: Daily Schedule

Plan your day with a structured daily schedule that ensures every moment is accounted for.

Option 2: Daily Journal

Capture your thoughts, ideas, and memories on a lined daily page.

Manage the Details:

Each month includes essential inserts to help you manage your budget, record your habits, and set goals.

Monthly inserts include:

  • To-Do Lists: 6 unlabeled to-do list boxes to organize your monthly tasks.
  • Monthly budget: keep track of income and expenses to see where your money goes each month.
  • Monthly Expense: Log your monthly transactions. Duplicate this page to add more as needed.
  • Habit Tracker: Track 9 habits (or more by duplicating the page ).
  • Goals: Set your goals each month and create a plan to help you achieve them.
  • Monthly reflection: rate your month and plan for the next month. A great way to review and reflect on personal growth.
  • Note Page: One blank note page to use as needed. The perfect space for jotting down quick notes or creating a monthly memory journal or vision board.

iPad and Android Friendly:

This planner works with annotated PDF reader apps that support hyperlinks. Some examples are GoodNotes, Noteshelf, Notability, Penly, Collanote, and more. If you are new to digital planning, download this free digital agenda to see how digital planners work with your preferred annotation app.

New to Digital Planning?

If you are new to digital planning, free planners are the best way to start! I recommend you try multiple planners to learn what works best for you. There are so many styles of digital planning that finding the perfect planner for you may take some time. Some things to note when trying different planners:

  • Do you like to have everything in one planner, or do you keep plans and tracking or organizing (habits, meals, medication, etc) separate?
  • Do you like to decorate your planner with stickers, or are you looking for something already decorated?
  • Do you get overwhelmed with unused daily planner pages? 
  • Do you want to journal in your planner?

Digital planning has a slight learning curve to get used to. Once you find your perfect planner and planning style, it is so enjoyable and easy to customize to fit your needs. Enjoy the journey of finding your perfect planner, but take breaks if it is overwhelming. You don't need to switch to digital all at once, and there are no rules. Do what works best for you!

 I hope you enjoy this free undated digital planner. Download your free planner below and start planning today!

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