The 2021 Digital Planner is Here!

2021 daily digital planner for ipad emerald green


The 2021 Dated Digital Planner is here and ready for you to dive in and start planning.

Set yourself up for success with this easy-to-use digital planner. With 9 themes to choose from, we have something for everyone who wants to make planning fun this year.

This digital planner is hyperlinked for seamless navigation-you can always find exactly where you want to go! 

This dated digital planner features:

  • 500+ pages with hyperlinks.
  • A fun emerald theme throughout the planner.
  • Hyperlinked side navigation to quickly jump from month to month.
  • Index page with links to a 12-subject notebook.
  • Month Page: Write down the important highlights for each month. Click on any weekday to jump to that day's daily spread. Click on a week number to jump to that week's spread.
  • Weekly Spreads: Highlighted week shows you which week you are looking at. Click on any day or week to jump to that page. The side column leaves room for to-dos, important info, stickers, and more.
  • Daily Spreads: Highlighted day shows you what day you are on. Click on any day or week to jump to that page. Hour blocking is included on each daily page to keep organized.
  • Each month includes notebook paper.
daily weekly monthly digital planner layout

Planner Inserts Includes:

  • 2021 Year at a Glance: Click on any day to jump to that day view.
  • This Year's Goals: Break down your goals by month. Revisit as the year goes on to check in on your progress. 
  • Important Dates: Make sure you do not forget anything this year! Jot down all of the year's important dates for a quick glance.
  • 365 Little Moments: If 2020 taught us anything it's that we need to be grateful for all of life's little moments. Record something about each day and watch as something that seemed little grows into something big. A short but sweet diary of your year!
  • This Year I Want To: What is on your bucket list for the year?
  • Meal Planner: Copy/paste/duplicate and move this insert around in your planner to make meal planning a breeze.
  • Reading Log: Keep track of all the great or not-so-great, books you read this year.
  • Monthly Habit Tracker: Is there something you wish to improve? Keep track of your progress with this easy-to-use tracker. Keep track of up to 19 habits a month with this easy-to-use insert.
  • Password Tracker: Because we know passwords are getting more and more complicated by the minute.
  • Monthly Finance Tracker: Keep on top of your monthly expense with this simple tracker.
  • To-Do List & Important Notes: One place for all of your important things.
  • Notebook Paper: Blank, Lined Paper, Dotted Journal Paper, and Grid Paper.


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