Why You Should Switch to Digital Planning in 2021

Are you looking for ways to live a more organized life? Digital planning is a wonderful way to get organized and reclaim your valuable time.

In the past, I have tried over and over again to make paper planners work for me. They always end up left somewhere, forgotten about, and found years later-partially filled.

Im also one of those people who has a very bad habit of opening up a notebook, planner, whatever and just jotting down right what I need right there at the most random spot in the book. This leaves me with so much wasted space and totally unorganized.

Digital planning allows you to take your planner with you, wherever you go, without adding any extra bulky items. You can digitally plan on your iPad, iPhone and Apple computer with an app like Goodnotes. (not sponsored by Goodnotes-I just use this app for my personal planning) Your files seamlessly sync across devices so everything is up to date and just simply right there.

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Here are my top 7 reasons to switch

  1. Customization: There are so many ways to customize your digital planner WITHOUT the storage space of all the highlighters, markers, pens, tapes, stickers, etc. You can change your pen type, size, color, highlighter and more with a quick click.

  2. Eco Friendly: You no longer need to buy a planner that takes up space or needs to be recycled. Everything is all right there and digital. Even better-buy an undated planner to use over and over again each year. If you find something you love why change things?

  3. Mistakes? Just kidding I didn’t make a mistake! Erase, delete and pretend it didn’t happen without leaving a mark.

  4. Easy to use: Once you get over the learning curve on whatever app you choose digital planning is so easy to do. Hyperlinks make navigating to each page super easy. You can add a page wherever you need if you need more space. You can delete and pretend your mistake never happened. Move your text around if you didn’t get to something in a week with out rewriting and so much more.

  5. So Much Space: A lot of info can fit on each page. Tools within the planner allow you to write small-but legible-leaving you with room for stickers, photos, and make changes

  6. DIGITAL STICKERS: Seriously! What is more fun that stickers and planners? With digital stickers you don’t have to worry about “wasting” your favorite sticker in one spot because you can use it again and again! Is there something you don’t like on your planner? Cover it with a sticker. Make it your own and make it fun!

  7. Organized Pages: Move pages around so your planner makes sense for YOU. Add pages to your notebooks for never ending notebooks. Add a notebook after your daily page to further plan out your day. Need to meal plan quick-work through it and delete your page. However YOU need to use your planner-there is no wrong way.

You do need a tablet and an annotated hyperlink app to use your digital planners which do not come with your digital planner purchase. My recommended app is Goodnotes as it is the app I use with all of my planning. I love that I can plan on my iPad and pull it up on my phone when I am out and about to check on things. 

Have you tried digital planning? If so-what are your favorite things about it?

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